Ten Ways To Say Goodbye To Canker Sores

8. Applying aloe Vera

You can reduce your canker sore irritation, inflammation and pain by using aloe vera gel on it

Despite the fact that there isn’t enough proof to support the benefits of aloe vera regarding canker sores, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH)has always deemed it safe for use.

9. Numbing your mouth

You can numb the feeling of your mouth by sucking on ice chips and applying them to your canker sore. It will relieve you of the pain and discomfort. Never apply the ice cube directly on the ulcer when the surface has not been slightly melted first.

10. Preparing a clove oil rinse

Clove oil has been known as a practical pain reliever over the years. The approach is simple. First, use sea salt solution to wash your mouth, and after that use a cotton wool that has been soaked in clove oil to rub the canker sore. It will get rid of the pain.


When someone mistakenly bites on the inside of their mouth, it could give rise to single mouth ulcers. A poorly fitted denture can also cause it.

Sometimes it is hard to identify the clear cause of canker sores since they happen so often.

Some people never experience canker sore at all, while others get it almost all the time. Some of the reasons why you may repeatedly experience canker sores include a weak immune system, allergy for specific food or stress.

As recommended by American Academy of Oral Medicine, anyone who keeps experiencing canker sores often ought to keep record of when it’s happening and whatever could be the triggers. With this, it will be easy to narrow the cause to lifestyle or a canker sore outbreak.

Crohn’s disease which is a deficiency in vitamin can also be responsible for canker sores.

When to see your doctor

Canker sores are usually not indicative of any serious health challenges. If the sores, however, last for more than 3 weeks, you are ill and you find it hard to swallow anything, then you are advised to see your doctor.

If you are experiencing it often, you can also see your health adviser. Knowing when the canker sores occurred and what their triggers could be, like spicy foods, can also help your course.

There are cases of canker sores being indicative of gastrointestinal diseases. Should someone experience any of the following, they should quickly see a doctor:

  • Incessant and unexplained tiredness for many days
  • a sore or rash on a different body parts
  • irritated eyes
  • A fever
  • Stomach pain

If canker sores are painful and red, you might just be up with an infection.


If canker sores happen often they can be very painful. Keeping close tabs on when they occur and what could be responsible can help you avoid it easily.

Meanwhile, there are over-the-counter solutions and home remedies that can assist you in reducing the discomfort and pain.

Having some natural remedies readily available in the cupboard along with some over-the-counter medications simply means you can get rid of your canker sores as soon as you discover them.

The treatments that were mentioned in this article can be purchased online.



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