The 20 Year Old Gum Wall Gets Naked

Clouds of steam whose smell was similar to Juicy Fruit went up and wafted through Post Alley in Pike Place Market. The sugary taste was so ripe that it was nearly possible for you to flavor it as two men in masks and suites for protection raked and sprayed down the 20-year-old gum wall on Tuesday in the early hours.

Gum became softer and fell to steel plates from the wall. The steel plates were in a line on the ground, to capture the clammy mess which was full of germs. Spectators took images for Snapchat as TV reporters started making live shots.

Abby Fico from Ghost Alley Espresso close by stated that individuals will visit the area to view the exposed gum wall and she was not concerned that the tourist appeal that was cleaned recently would affect business adversely.


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