The Best Charging Hub Stations with Built-in Protection

#6 Mivi USB Turbo Charging Station

This USB charging station from Mivi has 5 ports for charging five different devices. It comes with 8A output. It can be used to charge mobile phones, tablets, power banks and other devices. With a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 ports, your devices are guaranteed to charge 4 times faster than normal chargers. There are 4 smart charge ports that detect the optimal charging voltage of the device attached and adjust the charging voltage to charge accordingly. It has a built-in protection against high voltages, surges and extreme temperatures. The Mivi USB Turbo charging station also comes with a one-year warranty.

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#7 Poweradd 5-port 40W/8A USB Charger Desktop Charging Station

The Poweradd 5-Port 8A/40W USB charging station comes with 5 USB ports for charging your devices. It has a 100-240 V AC input that can be used anywhere worldwide which makes it the perfect travelling companion. It has a built-in protection that prevents it from overheating. The outer shell is fire resistant which helps to make it more durable.

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#8 Satechi Smart Charging Stand with Wireless Charging

The Satechi smart charging stand comes with a few USB ports and added wireless charging capability. The wireless charging capability makes it different from most charging stations on this list. The dock at the top can be used to charge FitBit, Apple Watch and other wearable devices that can charge wirelessly. The dock on top can also be swapped out with a flat pad for charging smartphones with wireless charging capabilities. The 2.4A/5V ports can also charge any device that you want it to charge. The charging station comes in 4 different colors.

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#9 Lottogo USB Charging Station Multi-Port Desktop Charger

The Lottogo USB charging station is a stylish multi-port desktop charger with 6 bamboo made USB charging slots. The stylish design makes it perfect for use in the office and at home. It is also portable enough to be packed in your suitcase for usage at hotels and other places. It accepts 110-240 V making it perfect for use anywhere in the world. It comes with built-in protection to protect your devices against overheating and overvoltage.

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#10 Poweradd ChargerCenter Compact 50000mAh/185Wh Portable Generator

The Poweradd ChargerCenter 50000 portable generator comes with a 50,000 mAh battery capacity. That means it has a lot of juice for several devices. To put that into real life usage, you can charge the latest iPhones about 16 times with this product. It comes with several ports like 3 standard USB ports, 1 Quick Charge USB port, one 110V AV outlet and a 12V car socket. It can protect your devices from excess current, voltage and temperature with its advanced Battery Management System.

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