The Best Virtual Reality Headsets in 2018

#6 The PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR is the most immersive virtual reality headset available in the market. It is the perfect VR headset for those that need virtual reality headsets majorly for gaming. It comes with a lot of big titles and exclusives like Batman.

The PlayStation VR requires a PlayStation 4, a PlayStation Eye camera, and a PlayStation Move controller. The PlayStation VR uses OLED display with a 120 Hz refresh rate and a 1920 x 1080 resolution. The PlayStation VR has 3D audio technology that allows users to hear and identify sounds above, below and around them. It has a 100⁰ field of view.

The PlayStation VR can be connected to a PlayStation 4 console via USB connection and HDMI. It tracks motion and movement through a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and the PlayStation Eye tracking system.

It is less expensive than the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

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#7 The SainSonic VR-03

The SainSonic VR-03 is a budget headset that costs less than $10. It is the cheapest on this list. It is available in black, blue and red. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. With this inexpensive headset, anyone using a smartphone from almost any major manufacturer can enjoy virtual reality at a low-cost price.

The SainSonic VR-03 is a virtual reality headset that is made of cardboard. The design is quite similar to the Google Cardboard. It comes with two biconvex lenses with a 50mm adjustable focal length that can transform 2D images to immersive 3D images. The SainSonic VR-03 is a precision machine cut headset with numbered parts that can be assembled within minutes. It is strong and sturdy even though it is made of cardboard. It is also lightweight, weighing less than one ounce.

The headset has a magnetic clicker by the side that allows users to navigate through VR applications. There is a forehead cover attached that prevent sweat and oil on the forehead from touching the device. There is an elastic band for attaching the SainSonic VR-03 to the head.

A lot of people bought this device due to how affordable it is. But there have been complaints about its comfortability. If used for too long, users may experience eye strain as the smartphone may be placed too close to the eyes for too long.

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#8 The Sarlar 3D VR

The Sarlar 3D VR headset is a comfortable VR headset that is easy on the eyes and on the neck. It is the most comfortable VR headset on this list. The Sarlar 3D VR has a design that ensures maximum comfortability and no pressure on the eyes. It has a viewing enclosure and a strap that reduces strain and friction against the nose and gives enough room for breathing. The viewing rim of the Sarlar 3D VR headset is lined with soft sponge foam casing pads to give users a gentle feeling.

The Sarlar 3D VR headset can be used with various Android and iOS devices that are within the range of 4.0 to 6.5 inches. It works for almost any smartphone. Large iPhones will still work with this headset. The Sarlar 3D VR headset measures 7 x 4.6 x 5 inches and weighs 9.3 ounces.

This is a good entry level VR headset that is great for human comfort and has a great ergonomic design. The elastic band fits perfectly around the head without being uncomfortable. Users might complain about the lack of content and the seeming incompatibility of YouTube with this VR headset.

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#9 The HTC Vive

The HTC Vive is the best virtual reality headset that you can buy. It comes with an OLED display with 2160 x 1200 resolution and a refresh rate of 90 Hz. The display has a 110⁰ field of view, so your peripheral vision is covered. It uses 32 headset sensors to give it precision tracking with 360⁰ motion tracking. Thanks to these sensors, the HTC Vive can pick up every little movement.

The HTC Vive comes with two handheld controllers that have 24 sensors for motion tracking and accuracy. The two controllers have multi-function track pads with HD haptic feedback that are very responsive to your input. The controllers also have dual stage triggers. The controllers are very responsive to the movements of your hands with their one-to-one tracking.

The HTC Vive has been widely acclaimed to be the best virtual reality headset available. It comes with Steam software that has over 60 games included. And more games are added to the ones already available. The downsides of the HTC Vive are the need for a powerful PC, the weight and the costly price. But regardless of this, it provides the best virtual reality experience.

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#10 The Merge VR

The Merge VR headset is a durable headset with a good controller input. A lot of VR headsets only come with one button by the side, and many of them require you to purchase an extra Bluetooth controller. But the Merge VR comes with dual touch inputs that can be used for navigation and full control when playing games. The left and right buttons can be used for turning left and right or jumping and running.

The Merge VR is made with flexible, soft, long-lasting, lightweight foam. The foam is tough to handle drops, but it is still comfortable on the face. It comes in a stylish purple color. It’s hard to find VR headsets as stylish as it.

The Merge VR is compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones from 2014 upwards. It comes with the Merge Start which is a portal that offers users of the Merge VR access to apps, videos, games and a lot of content. Users will enjoy the range of videos and apps that Merge Start has to offer.

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These are the top virtual reality headsets that you can buy in 2018. Some are designed to work on mobile phones while others are designed to work on computers and consoles. Evaluate the options available carefully and select the best one for you.      



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