The WalkCar…A tool from Japan Meant to Eliminate Walking

Because of the latest invention by Kuniako Saito, soon walking might be outdated. He has formed a moveable tool named ‘WalkCar’ that he depicts as the globe’s initial ‘car in a bag.’

The dimension of the WalkCar is almost similar to a laptop and is nearly the same as a skateboard in regard to functionality. Saito states that the tool is extremely user-friendly; to start it, you simply stand on it and to stop it, you step off.

To alter the route, users just need to move their mass to the left or right. Travelling uphill or downhill is possible by exerting force back or forth. Saito, who is 26 years, stated his attraction for mechanisms of electric motor motivated him to manufacture the WalkCar.

He believed that if we managed to carry our means of transport inside our bags, this would signify that at all times we would carry our transportation for riding on, he stated. He adds that his buddy requested him to set one up as he was undertaking his masters in engineering particularly on mechanisms of electric car motor control.

Therefore, he proceeded and began working on a sample with his group at Cocoa Motors. Currently, they are preparing to collect money for the scheme by beginning a Kickstarter campaign.

It is certainly faster compared to working and parking does not present issues as the tool simply fits inside backpacks or handbags. This slim tool is created from aluminum and lithium batteries provide power to it. It is available in two editions; indoor and outdoor and weighs 4.4 to 6.6 pounds.

For the tool to operate for 7.4 miles, it consumes 3 hours of charging at a high speed of 6.2 miles every hour. The slim aluminum transporter seems more powerful than it appears and can handle loads of even 120 kilograms.

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Walk Car 1

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