The Way Visual Effects Brought Characters of ‘Star Wars’ (Force Awakens) to Life

Director J. J. Abrams insisted on utilizing ancient practical effects as well as puppets in ‘Star Wars (The Force Awakens).’ This blockbuster sci-fi film  still depended a lot on effects produced from computer to bring alive not just unforgettable characters such as Maz Kanata but thrilling droids, explosions, space fights, etc.

Actually, Roger Guyett, the visual effects supervisor of ‘The Force Awakens’ discloses  in video interview with FX Guide that around 2,100 of the 2,500 shots from the movie have some kind of CGI added to them.

In these revealing hidden videos from Industrial Light & Magic (CGI masters) fans can observe the collapse of how many of the best instances and characters were made in ‘The Force Awakens’ such as interactions between BB-8 and R2-D2, the collision of a particular popular ship and a lot of others.

The videos initially indicate the unedited green screen footage, then the inclusion of CGI. This truly makes the creatures, scenes and characters extra fascinating.

It is exciting to notice that not only are some characters such as Maz Kanata completely GGI (with motion capture from Lupita Nyong’o the actress) but other scenes consist of delicate CGI enhancements and also what the human characters are focusing on at a time.



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