The Wheel of Your Bike are Changed to LCD Screens by This Firm

The post today is on bikes and the way they can be tailored to suit your taste. The newest accessory in the market in regard to motorbikes is ‘wheelies.’ This is an enhancement of tire which is actually an LED screen with the ability to portray animations, videos, billboards or texts.

World Moto, a Tech firm in Bangkok created this device. This enhancement changes the bike wheel of your regular bike into an LED screen. World Moto has been capable of maintaining immobility of the display even as you are riding the motorbike. This signifies that the display is not impacted by the changes experienced by the tire.

Paul Giles, World Moto’s CEO states, ‘The technology is capable of really transforming any wheel in the globe into a wonderful video screen or billboard of intense color. It offers their bike features ‘similar to an avatar.’ In case you have not yet viewed the ad, it is very humorous. It relates to some beautiful ladies selecting a nerd in possession of the wheelies, rather than a stud.’

The Wheelies can operate a video for 30 seconds on loop and studies are being conducted to facilitate the streaming of the wheelie’s complete videos. But, practical use is restricted; however, it is very enjoyable. Therefore, in what way do these ‘wheelies’ function?

The concept is easy; persistence of image. The concept is connected to producing a delusion of movement when stationary pictures are prompted to travel at a high pace. In essence, the pictures are actually in motion down the tire; however, when they travel at this pace, they seem to be still. So you imagine that the display is continuous even as the wheels move.

The wheelie consists of 424 LED lights that are set up on the wheel of eight spoke and managed by a computer which accommodates the pace of the wheel and every spoke’s location when in motion.

Chris Ziomkowski the Chief Technology Officer of Word Moto remarked, ‘You need to monitor the location of the wheel all the time and you need to be aware of the precise location of every blade.’

More info: Worldmoto | Facebook

LED wheel (3)

LED wheel (2)




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