This is Not a Tsunami…However, the Occurence on this Lake is Unique and Astounding!

It is scary to have tidal waves on massive waterways; but, think of the likelihood of you having to manage an ice wave. It sounds as if it would be even more scary.

Beachfront property presents some truly astouding outlooks; this might be during the middle of the year when the waves rush in or in the course of winter when everything freezes.

However,  ice may slide up from the water and go out of control dangerously, posing a threat to your family and home. This is referred to as ice push.

Ice pushes occur when streams or winds which are solid force the ice from the surface of the water to move ashore. These instances are also termed as “ice torrents” since they move forward. But, the manner in which ice pushes operate makes them closer to ice sheets, compared to tidal waves.

The ice push’s force is enough to beat against houses, trees and docks that are in its path. Earlier this year, there was an occurence of ice push on shores of Lake Winnebago; Jim Morgensten had a chance to film this.

This video showed a pile up of ice which also spread to the street, hindering the surge of activities.

Ice Shove



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