This Is What Happens To Your Body If You Eat Banana Everyday

Bananas are unbelievably versatile fruits which are useful for making refreshing smoothies, improve the flavor of any baked meal, or it can be easily be consumed as you move. That goes to tell you why they are highly popular worldwide: more than 96% of people in U.S buy banana a minimum of once in every 30 days, based on this report.

Hence, we like to eat banana. However, is this banana obsession good for our bodies?

The answer is yes, according to the research. There are more things you can gain from bananas that transcends its sweet flavor and affordable price. Studies have shown that the secret number is that you eat 3 bananas every day and your body will be bombarded with approximately 1500 mg potassium and lots of other health benefits.

What are these benefits?

Highlighted below are ten surprising benefits of banana and why you need to eat bananas on a daily basis:

1. Bananas reduce high blood pressure.


Studies have shown that eating as little as 3 bananas daily may reduce blood pressure by a significant amount. The bananas that are medium-sized have about 422 mg potassium and they are virtually sodium free. The high level of potassium to sodium ratio is good for neutralizing high pressure which arises from sodium in food substances.

Now you understand why your mom has always advised you to ditch crisps for bananas.

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