Top 5 Therapies for Stomach flu

The real causes of Stomach Flu and its treatment

Stomach flu is an infectious illness

No one individual prefer to be ill, however, stomach flu happens to attack through a number of signs. Upon infection you may are promptly rendered weak and viciously miserable.

Early stages of Stomach flu is characterized by weariness, unsettled stomach and fever, these can quickly transform into serious stomach aches, pangs of pain, puking and diarrhea. Despite all the trouble it causes, it is sad to say stomach flu has no known cure but it is not death sentence either.

Therapies listed below may come handy at that most unpredictable moments of your life and could just be what you needed to return to normalcy.

When an individual is under stomach flu crisis, they tend to lose much fluids through various organs such as sweat glands, anal, and mouth. This may prove difficult to manage, however you can regulate bodily liquids by doing small amounts in intervals.

Ideal liquids consists:

  1. Plain water
  2. Athlete’s drinks are good since they add lost electrolyte – suitable for young adults and older persons.
  3. Selected teas, including peppermint and ginger spiced teas – very vital when it comes to calming irritable bowel and prevent nausea
  4. Over-the-counter Pedialyte (for both adults and children)

Liquids to avoid

  1. Sugary caffeine, highly concentrated tea whether black or white because they will keep you awake when you seriously request peaceful rest.
  2. Alcoholic beverages and spirits

The idea is to avoid such stuff that will irritate more you bowel and cause a backlash.

During bouts of stomach flu, one finds it difficult to enjoy wholesome sumptuous meals as such you are advised to take it easy and adjust with your body changes. It is worth it to try little swallows of foods that interests you.

Yet still, you can do small chanks of carbohydrates such as rice, and bread couple with cooked banana accompanied with stew and filling it up with simple fresh fruit juice. Such foods are friendly to a weak bowel and are rich in carbohydrates which are essential in re-introduction of lost nutrients and energy.

  1. It is true that well prepared plate of white rice is good for an individual suffering from stomach flu because rice is easy to digest. Try to avoid brown rice since it highly rich in fiber and may cause flatulence.
  2. White bread is advisable since it is processed hence friendly to your weak stomach linings.
  3. Blended apple is essential energy booster because it is highly pectin concentrated. Pectin is anti-diarrhea
  4. Stomach flu causes a patient to lose lots of potassium, to restore this ensure you include bananas in your diet.

Foods to avoid

It is prudent not to include the following foods

  1. Fiber rich foods – this is because loose bowels are not so friendly with lots of fiber
  2. Fats – stay away from fatty foods in general
  3. It is not the time to enjoys spices
  4. Milk with stomach flu do not blend, to keep off unnecessary upsets do not do milk wholesome.

Nausea of various kinds can be managed by use of Acupressure. To find pressure point i.e. P-6, you need to measure the width of your three fingers downwards from the edge of your palm as recommended by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Apply pressure under the width using your thumb and when you feel a sharp pain between two muscles then rub using your thumb at least upto three minutes.

Another way to manage nausea when having stomach flu is continuously monitor the P-6 acupressure and when you find some kind of relief use the Sea-Bands.

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