Top Healthy Food Recipes That Are Rich in Potassium

Potassium is a very vital mineral that the body needs for various purposes. Food has to be a major source since the human body doesn’t naturally produce it. The unfortunate aspect is that most Americans usually don’t have access to Foods Rich in Potassium which they can consume. In a survey carried out, it was discovered that the percentage of Americans who are able to meet the requirements for the intake of potassium is 3%. The major reason for this is shortage of vegetables and fruits in the standard western diet. They usually don’t stick to Healthy Food Recipes.

In a country such as US, it is recommended that 4,700 mg of potassium should be consumed on a daily basis. Although this level seems to be higher than what applies in other countries, it has been largely beneficial in lots of regards.

High consumption of potassium seems to be very helpful when it comes to heart and bone health. Also, it can help in cases related to high blood pressure, stroke, and can decrease the chances of a heart disease occurring. Below are 14 Foods Rich in Potassium which you can consume today.

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