Top Healthy Food Recipes That Are Rich in Potassium


Alice Henneman

These are deep red root vegetables. Their flavor is naturally sweet. The amount of potassium that you can get from a cup of beets (170 grams) is 518mg or an RDI of 11%. If you are looking for a Healthy Food to Eat, beets tick all the boxes.

Beets also contain lots of manganese and folate. Furthermore, they have got pigments which give them very perfect color. This can function as antioxidant thereby helping to combat inflammation and oxidative damage.

Beets also contain lots of nitrates thereby enhancing blood vessel function, exercise performance and high blood pressure. Blood vessel function can be improved by beets through the potassium which it contains. The same can be said of reducing the risk of suffering from heart disease.


Beets do contain lots of potassium. For every cup (170grams), it can produce an RDI of 11%. Also, they contain nitrates and antioxidants thereby increasing their health benefits.



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