Top Healthy Food Recipes That Are Rich in Potassium


This is a Healthy Food to Eat as it has proven to be a major source of calcium, potassium and riboflavin. A cup of yoghurt (245grams) can produce potassium RDI of 11%.

Due to the fermented nature of yoghurt, it usually contains bacteria which gut health can benefit from. There are proofs that it can also help in weight maintenance and appetite control.

Anytime you plan to buy yoghurt, plain variety is what you should aim for. This is because those ones that are fruit – flavored do contain high amount of sugar. In case the plain one is too tart then you can make use of fresh fruits to act as sweeteners. Honey can also help for this purpose.


Potassium RDI of 11% is what a cup of yoghurt (245grams) will produce. It also has beneficial bacteria. However, ensure to steer clear of those ones that contain sugar.



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