Top Healthy Food Recipes That Are Rich in Potassium



Salmon is a food that is highly nutritious. It is very rich in protein and omega – 3 fats.  Also, it has been discovered to contain high amount of minerals (with potassium included) and vitamins.

Half of one filet salmon can provide potassium of 683mg. This is an RDI of 15%. A diet that contains high amount of fatty – fish has been discovered to have lots of health benefits. One of the most popular amongst them is having the risk of heart disease decreased to a great extent.

Various studies have shown that when fatty fish (15 ounces) is consumed on a daily basis, the chances of dying as a result of heart disease will be reduced. Also, its high content of potassium makes it helpful in enabling the heart to be in very perfect condition.

A study was carried out on about 2000 veterans and it was discovered that those who consumed salt enriched with potassium had reduced death rate from heart related disease. Also, they weren’t spending much in order to keep their hearts in the best of health conditions.


Half of one filet containing salmon (178grams) has RDI potassium of 15% and also high amount of protein, omega – 3 fatty and vitamins.



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