Top Healthy Food Recipes That Are Rich in Potassium

Oranges & Orange Juice


Citrus fruits such as orange have been known to be very good sources of Vitamin C. However, they also contain high amount of potassium. The potassium RDI that a cup of orange juice provides is about 11%. This also contains antioxidants, thiamine, Vitamin A and folate.

It has been researched and discovered that those who take orange juice always have diets that are healthier. Also, they aren’t prone to obesity and usually don’t suffer from metabolic syndrome.

Due to the high amount of antioxidants which orange juice and orange contains, free radicals, heart disease and inflammation can be combated. Also, when orange juice is consumed alongside Vitamin D and calcium, there will be improved bone health.

However, it should be noted that orange juice seems to contain more sugar and also less fiber content as compared to whole oranges. This is why focusing on whole fruits is much better than juice. This is because it will prove to be a very good source of minerals and vitamins. Anytime you are taking orange juice, ensure that it is purely juice.


Oranges do contain high amount of potassium. They provide an RDI of 11%. Orange juice and oranges contain minerals, vitamins and also antioxidants.



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