Top Healthy Food Recipes That Are Rich in Potassium

Coconut Water


This is increasingly becoming very popular as one of the most effective health drinks. Not only is it nutty and sweet but also contains low content of sugar. Furthermore, it contains lots of electrolytes.

An electrolyte is needed in the body to main pH balance, hydration, muscle, and proper nerve function. Potassium happens to be one of such electrolytes. Consuming a cup of coconut water (240grams) is going to produce about 600mg potassium which is 13% RDI.

The high amount of electrolytes in coconut water ensures that it is perfect to be taken after exercising. Lots of studies have been able to show that coconut water seems to be more effective when compared to water. It can function as a sport drink that will get participants rehydrated.

2 Studies have shown that it can help in relieving nausea or stomach upset. However, a third study carried showed that it could contribute to stomach upset and bloating.


Coconut water contains high amount of electrolytes. These are vital to help the body maintain its pH balance. A cup containing coconut water measured at 249grams can produce potassium RDI of 13%.



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