Top Healthy Food Recipes That Are Rich in Potassium

White Beans


Lentils and beans have been discovered to produce lots of potassium. White beans seem to be amongst the very best. The amount of potassium that you can get from a cup is about 829 mg. In grams and RDI, this is about 179 and 17% respectively.

White beans do contain high amount of manganese, magnesium, iron, folate, and thiamine. The amount of fiber in white beans is 18.6 grams. The RDI is about 75%. Also, when it comes to plant – based protein, they seem to be a very good option.

The high antioxidant and fiber content which beans contain can help to improve colon health, decreasing inflammation, reducing risks of someone suffering from diabetes and heart disease.

A study was carried out on about 25000 individuals and it was discovered that when the consumption of potassium is increased on a daily basis by 1,640 mg (RDI of 35%), stroke will reduce by over 20%.


Lentils and beans are great sources through which potassium can be gotten. A cup of white beans can produce an RDI of 18%. Also, they do contain lots of minerals, proteins, vitamins and fiber.



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