Top Online Guitar Stores Where You Can Buy A Quality Guitar

Out of the world’s population, around 7% play guitar. This is about 50million individuals. The number of guitars sold annually is between 1.6 – 2.5million. This is an instrument that is very popular given that it is usually played by individuals across different age groups. It is not only cheaper but also more mobile than a piano thereby making it very easy for people to learn how simple songs can be played within a very short time. It is great when used independently or alongside other instruments to produce quality sounds.

Most people doubt that the sales of guitars online have increased over the years. You will be spoilt with lots of options given the numerous guitar stores that you need to make your choice from. The major aim of this post is to expose you to top guitar stores online you can purchase your favorite guitar from today. Just choose a guitar store from the list to get your favorite music instrument.


Guitar Centre

This is perhaps one of the most popular guitar stores online. It displays different major collections of live sound equipment, basses, lighting equipment, studio gear, keyboards, drums, and guitars. This guitar store has got a very huge client base. Also, it is renowned by popular musical brands. You will be finding lots of high quality guitars in this store. It exposes you to some of the most innovative electric guitars for the year 2018. These could be PRS John Mayer Silver Sky and Fender Parallel Universe guitars.

Elderly Instruments

Elderly is a top guitar store amongst the most professional guitarists. It is also popular amongst musicians who are well – established all over the world. This is a shop which is over 40 years old. Over the years, it has been known for stocking rare as well as extensive inventory. Its website is user and mobile friendly to ensure that your needs are met without hassles. In case you are searching for musical instruments that can fit into your budget, Elderly is music store to visit. Even if you need a vintage musical instrument, it has definitely got you covered at all times.

The new and used vintage musical instruments that this shop has at the moment are about 4000 and 1300 respectively. A 1924 Gibson F-5 Lloyd and 1936 Martin 000-45 are the top guitars which you will currently find in this shop.


This is the perfect option if you are looking for bargain deals. It has millions (+200) items available that you can buy. This website stocks some of the best guitars at prices that are affordable. Lots of guitar retailers do stock their products here which make it worth checking out. Also, there are lots wares which get listed on this website as Deals of the Day.

Picking a musical instrument that is of high quality and also affordable isn’t difficult on this site given how its review system has been structured. This is an online music store which is well recognized for its great customer service.

Musician’s Friend

This is an online store that stocks guitars which are of the highest quality. It offers free shipping on most items that are sold. In this shop, you will come across guitar effects as well as amplifiers. There are lots of reviews on the various musical instruments which will enable you select a guitar that can meet your needs. Some popular guitars which you will find in this shop are Gibson, Fender, and Taylor.


This is an online music store that is renowned for stocking numerous used and also new guitars.  It is super easy tracing any musical instrument that you are in search of. This is made possible through searching by categories or brands. This website also has resources which have been thoroughly researched and articulated to ensure that your music abilities get enhanced.

Tundra Music

This is a website that is 100% user friendly as you can easily navigate through it. You will find various Fender guitar collections. In case you have got a music gear which is old that you want to sell, this site will have it exposed to lots of potential buyers.

Hill Country Guitars

Although this website doesn’t stock numerous guitars like most of the others explained above, they have got collections that will meet the needs of both professionals and beginners. Their support team will attend to all of your questions in a timely manner.

Sam Ash

This is an online store that seems to be increasing in popularity. This is due to its user – friendly website. You will be able to get access to plenty of offers once you can make use of Sam Ash credit card. It has a money back guarantee period of 45 days. Also, once you can identity a price that is lower being offered by any vendor (reputable) in the United States for your purchased item within a period of 60 days, the difference in amount will be refunded back to you.


Zzounds is one of the guitar stores that are rising very fast at an incredible pace. The offers added on this website are amazing. You will need to sign up with this website in order to enable their gear professionals send you informative content.

Pittsburgh Guitars

This is an online guitar store that has been partnering with professional guitar players. This is a site that respects and also understands those steps which buyers are likely to follow anytime they want to purchase new instruments. Based on this, they make use of their vast level of experience by helping buyers get enlightened on which guitar to buy.


This is an auction marketplace where you will find vintage, old and new guitars. You will be assisted by the various product reviews to ensure that you buy the right gear. One tip that you need to remember about buying on this website is to check the previous cost of such item. You will find such in the sold listing. This is very important as it will enable you have a rough idea about the cost of such item.

Strings and Beyond

This is a popular retailer which gives you access to variety of finely used or old guitars. These are courteous, easy and fast. You will find various forms of strings as well as accessories for every guitar in this place.

Ed Rorman Guitars

This is also a major guitar resource. When it comes to Las Vegas custom made electric guitars, they seem to be leading. They are also a global platform which confirms their reputation as one of the best around. Through Ed roman guitars, guitarists will be provided with useful information which will enable them develop rapidly.

Walt Grace Vintage

This guitar store is new but it is really becoming very popular on the internet. You are going to find classic drool-worthy guitars and also collectible cars (high end). This is a retailer website where you will find 100+ guitars. Some of the best or top instruments which you will find once you visit this site are a 1964 Sunburst Stratocaster and the Les Paul Custom.

Fuller’s Guitar

This is popular for great deals and offers. This guitar store has been helping guitar lovers in Texas for years. Get this store checked out today for designs that are new and affordable.

Chicago Music Exchange

The number of musical instruments stocked by this store is about 2000. One thing about this store is that it gives you access to both old and new guitars. Ensure to always visit the website so as to keep track of vital deals and offers.

CBD Guitar Store

Shandong China is where this store is located in. It has an unrivalled collection of both vintage and modern guitars. The website is comprehensible as the images are displayed in high quality.


This vendor is into the designing of basses and guitars which are used by professional musicians all around the world. Their authorized S7G dealer shops are scattered in various locations around the world. In case you want a guitar that has been built to your needs, S7G USA is a perfect option that you can explore today.

Savino Music

This is your trusted guitar store to get classical guitars. The musical instruments that are sold here are unique and perfect for connoisseurs, musicians and collectors. Some of what you will find here are Manuel Contreras, Paulino Bernabe, Jose Ramirez, Kenny Hill, and Alhambra guitars here.

Norman’s Rare Guitar

Your trip to a location such as southern California is incomplete without checking out what a store like Norman’s Rare Guitars has in stock. Their guitar collection is really impressive. If you are enthusiastic about guitars, a store like this will definitely be your dream. It has quality musical instruments available like a Stromberg Master 400, a marvellous 1955 Stratocaster and a 1929 Martin 000-45. They have got accurate guitar search results.

The Guitar Store

This is a music store that has been popular over the years for stocking guitars which are of the highest quality. You will find 600 – 700 new pedals, 400 guitars, 100 used pedals, almost 100 amps, 40 basses, 40 Ukes and some banjos. This store has been able partner with USA instruments’ builders that are reputable such as Fender Custom Shop, Breedlove, MR Black, Mesa/Boogies, and PRS.

Best Buy

This is a website that is known to stock electronic products from top brands such as Samsung, Microsoft, Apple, LG, and Sony. Their guitar collection is very vast. Also, every of your needs will be met by their 100% active customer care. Given the fact that the prices are competitive and also there are items that can be delivered the same day they are ordered, Best Buy is definitely a website that is worth exploring.

World Music Supply

It doesn’t really matter whether you are looking for bass guitars, guitar amps, or electric guitar as they are all available in this shop at prices that are dirt cheap. This website has some of the major guitar brands that you can think of like Fender. It is also possible to get their broad inventory explored in order to find deals that are fantastic on top guitars.

Thunder Road Guitars

This guitar store has a primary objective which is to ensure that you are able to identify your musical voice via rare, vintage and used guitars. Their products are available on a 24/7 basis. It has got a friendly staff team which will help you purchase music gear of your choice.

Carter Vintage

This guitar store is very similar to Thunder Road Guitars as it stocks lots of used guitars. It makes constant additions to its stock every now and then. Their inventory is one that is ever – changing and contains 1500+ new, vintage and used guitars.

Empire Music

This is a music store which has been committed to ensuring that both existing and potential customers have the best of shopping experience. They have got a website that is user – friendly which helps improve skills of guitar players. This guitar store will ensure that you are provided with important details about the various musical instruments. It does this through the platform of Skype.

Riff City Guitar

This website wants you to sign up and get an account created today. It contains various acoustic as well as electric guitars. Most of the members of staff are musicians who are from St. Cloud, MN. They have very vast knowledge about any music instrument.

Willie’s American Guitars

Willie’s American Guitars will always be mentioned in debates relating to guitars. You will find over 600 guitars. Also, there are other vintage and used musical instruments which you can find here.


This retailer website is similar to Amazon given that it stocks almost any type of product that you can think of. Its website is also user – friendly which means it can be easily explored. It has earned lots of awards for uncompromised services. This is a site that is developing continually in order to become one of the most reliable and trusted retailing websites on the internet. If you want to buy a guitar from this site, just get its name typed on the search bar. After that, get the search button clicked on. That is how you check for the availability of a music instrument.


This website will enable you buy products at prices that are very cheap as compared to what your local store will even be offering. Their services are highly innovative such as photo ordering which is going to help you get products of Walmart from a local shop.

The Guitar Shoppe

This is a reliable music store that you will find guitars that are new and old. New products as well as offers are added every single day. You should consider creating an account with them in order to receive notifications about new products that have arrived.

N Stuff Music:

This is a family owned business that has existed for over 45 years meeting the needs of people. You will find various types of musical gears (old and new). They can be accessed at any time of the day. This will enable you to browse, carry out various comparisons before making purchases.

Music Villa

This company has been in existence since the 70s. It will give you access to special guitars. They are experts when it comes to the sales of custom made and rare guitars. It has been majorly regarded as the online store which is most entertaining amongst others. This is because of its reality show. There is also the Acoustic Letter.

Wildwood Guitars

This is a small shop that stocks some really wonderful and high quality guitars. Its customer service is also superb. Over the years, Wildwood has been known for its hands-on approach as it ensures that players always get connected or linked to the right guitars. Every instrument has got its own serial number that will help you effectively select what you are in search of.

Guitar Stop

This started in Cambridge as one of those brick and mortar stores in the year 1962. It was later that they got their activities expanded into the online world. At the moment, they tend to specialize in acoustic, bass, and electric. Ukuleles and Mandolins are also sold. Over the years, they have been able to partner with global brands such as Cordoba, Ibanez, Fender, Traveller, Seagull, and Grestch.

Rogue Music

They are specialized in the buying and selling of musical instruments that are old or have been used. Guitarists that love vintage gears are going to find this retailer to be very reliable. The method of payment online is secured and easy to make use of. They also have a library of manuals which is comprehensive for used, old and exotic gear.

Firehouse Guitars

This music store began operation in the year 1997. It occupied a store that was small in Michigan back then. Within a very short space of time, this store became renowned as one of the top guitar stores around. It is known for stocking musical instruments of the highest quality. In recent times, they have shown 100% commitment towards helping customers to meet their respective needs. You will find high quality used gears. It is also possible to find gears that can be rented. This means you can have access to a music instrument even with limited budget.

West Music

West Music is known for its great customer service and also the range of musical instruments which it stocks. This store is trusted and is into the sales of classroom furniture and equipment. In case you don’t have enough resources to purchase a guitar, it can be rented here.

If you can subscribe to its newsletters, you will receive updates about products even before they get displayed on the website. Find your favorite music instrument here.



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