UK is Analyzing Roads Which Charge Electric Vehicles while they Drive

Envision not having to pull your vehicle to the side to fuel your vehicle. This is what Highways England is preparing to establish for electric cars drivers. Wireless technology would be fixed in cars which are then driven on roads with particular equipment that generates electromagnetic field covered below.

Trials will be held for 18 months prior to a decision being made to shift the scheme to public roads. Technology like this has been conducted previously; in 2013, Gumi, a town in South Korea has changed to a 12km (7.5 miles) road which enables the charging of special buses with the same method.

Mike Wilson, the chief highways engineer of Highways England, stated that the technologies of cars are developing at a rate which gets higher and higher and they are committed to backing the enhancement of cars with reduced emissions on motorways and key A roads.

More info: (h/t: bbc)

electric car charge road (1)

electric car charge road (2)

electric car charge road (3)



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