Watch Manufacturer Departs in Drone Helicopter Created Using Parasol and Garden Chair

When you view the recording of this man’s weird creation, you might think you were viewing the movie ‘Up’ or a section from Wallace and Gromit and this would be understandable.

The man, just known as gasturbine 101, his YouTube handle, has formed a helicopter which really flies utilizing a sun parasol, garden chair and 54 drones.

The YouTube page states that to create the Swarm cost around £6,000 and it acquires its power from four cell batteries. On YouTube, this weird creation has been seen a million and more times on YouTube. Flying professionals and fans have been attracted by it and several even made comparisons between him and the Wright brothers.

Commenting on his page, this manufacturer stated that the machine was: ‘Simply some enjoyment for myself. It was never meant to make an important trip or fly very high.’



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