Water Bottle which Fills Automatically on its Own Transforms Moist Air into H2O which can be drank

Kristof Retezar, a designer who resides in Vienna, Australia, created a tool which can derive humidity from air and compress it to water which can be drank. This useful tool called Fontus can be linked to a bike to enable cyclists to produce water as they cycle for lengthy distances through the country-sides; here, pit stops are rare to come across.

Fontus operates utilizing the essential rule of condensation. This can be verified in a simple manner by getting something from a refrigerator (or example a can of soda). It is then left for some time on the counter of the kitchen.

At last, you will note accumulation of moisture on the item’s sides. Retezar informed Live Science ‘The air always contains humidity in a specific percentage; however, your location is not important; this applies to the desert. This signifies at all times you would possibly manage to derive humidity from the air.’

This tool whose power is obtained from solar has a condenser (it operates similar to a cooler) which is linked to a sequence of hydrophobic surfaces that repel water. ‘As the tool which is propped on a bike absorbs air and the surfaces become cold, condensation occurs,’ stated Retezar.

More info: jamesdysonaward | fontus (h/t: livescience )


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