What is the reason for Microsoft’s discarding of Data Centers in Pacific Ocean?

Discarding computer equipment in water is in overall, not a great idea. This information is mostly why Microsoft’s discarding of data centers is so fascinating.

In essence, Data centers  are structures which comprise of numerous computer equipment which process the entire internet utilized by us. There is a rise in usage of cloud-based services and a number of other internet supplies; currently there is a huge demand for data centers.

However, the issue which they present is that maintaining them is extremely costly. They use up huge quantities of energy and in addition much of the energy used up by them is used on the system for cooling which stops the machinery from excessive heating.

In view of this bit of news, the concept of Microsoft of placing data centers in the ocean is beginning to increasingly appear sensible. The concept behind this is that by taking this action, Microsoft will manage to make the most of the reduced temperatures below the ocean.

The previous year, Microsoft launched Project Natick.  They established Leona Philpot, a prototype in this project in the Pacific Ocean for 90 days and analyzed its resilience to tolerate the extreme conditions beneath water. It is reported that the performance of the prototype was better than anticipated.

More info: Project Natick (h/t: interestingengineering)

Microsoft data centers in Ocean (2)

Microsoft data centers in Ocean (1)



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