What Should Be Your Daily Water Intake?

Around 60% of the human body is water. Through sweat or urine, liters water is lost from the body. For dehydration to be prevented, water needs to be taken adequately. Opinions vary when it comes to the amount of water people should consume on a daily basis.

According to health authorities, 8 ounces glasses should be taken. This is similar to 2 liters of water. This is known as 8×8 rule and can be easily remembered. However, there are health gurus who explain that it is very important that water is taken constantly throughout the day including periods when you aren’t thirsty.

It is important you understand that your water intake will be influenced by various factors. These could be external and internal. This post will be explaining how water intake can be aligned to individual needs.


Can energy level as well as brain function be affected by water intake?

Most people have claimed that when you fail to remain hydrated although the day, you may not have enough energy. Also, your brain will not be as effective as it ought to. Various studies can actually support such claim. A study carried out in women revealed 1.36% fluid loss after exercise can impair mood as well as level of concentration. The chances of suffering from headaches can also be increased.

According to other studies, mild dehydration as a result of heat or exercise can make other aspects of the brain to suffer. This could be a body weight of 1 – 3%. Don’t forget that a 1% body weight is a really significant amount. Such will be experienced once you tend to always sweat.

Physical performances can also be negatively affected by mild dehydration. This can bring about reduced endurance.

Can someone lose weight by drinking plenty of water?

Lots of claims have been put forward in the past about increased amount of water bringing about weight loss, reduced appetite and increased metabolism. Two studies have suggested that when 17ounces of water are taken, metabolism can be increased temporarily.

According to the researchers, when 2 liters of water are taken a day, such can lead to increased energy level. Furthermore, the intake of cold water can help as more calories will be expended for the heating of such water to body temperature.

You will consume fewer amounts of calories by drinking water every 30 minutes before meal. This is mostly obvious in older people.

According to a study, dieters consumed about 17ounces of water prior to each meal. Within a period of 12 weeks, about 44% of weight was lost. Generally speaking, it is like an increased amount of water intake can help in losing weight over a given period of time. It will be very effective when consumed alongside healthy diet. There are lots of other health benefits that adequate water intake can make you experience.



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