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What Should Be Your Daily Water Intake?

Can increased water intake help in the prevention of health issues?

Through increased liters water intake, there are various health problems which can be addressed. These are explained below:


This is a common problem that increased water can help in addressing.


According to various studies, increased water intake can help in lowering the risk of colorectal and bladder cancer. There are studies that didn’t find any effect though.

Kidney stones

Through an increased in your intake of water, risks associated with kidney stones will be decreased.

Skin hydration and acne

According to reports, water intake can help in the reduction of acne. This claim hasn’t been confirmed though.

Can other fluids actually contribute towards the overall total?

It isn’t just plain water that can contribute to fluid balance in your system. It can also be affected by other foods as well as drinks. There is a myth about caffeinated drinks. This is the fact that they can’t make you hydrate as a result of their diuretic content. Studies have shown that these drinks have very weak diuretic content.

Majority of foods do contain high amount of water. These could be fruits, eggs, fish, vegetables and meat. In a nutshell, tea, coffee, and foods that are rich in water can help in the case of balanced fluid.

Trusting your thirst

In order to survive, you have to maintain proper water balance. Due to this fact, there is a system in your body which ensures regulation of how much liters of water should be consumed. There is no need trying to think about it consciously as the mechanism controlling it is the same as that of breathing.

Thirst instinct seems to be reliable which is perhaps why you don’t have to be bothered about your water consumption. There isn’t any theory or proof that supports 8×8 rule which has been explained above. Having said this, there are some factors or circumstances that may influence water intake.

One of the most obvious is when there tends to be increased sweating. Such could be as a result of exercise in a hot weather. If you are the type that sweats alot, ensure that lost fluid is replaced with water. Athletes who engage in intense exercises and training programs will have to ensure that electrolytes are replaced through increased water intake.

Your need for water will increased during the process of breastfeeding. It is also the same for conditions such as diarrhea and vomiting.

For older people, there is the chance of their thirst mechanisms malfunctioning due to their ages. They need to ensure that water intake is watched consciously.

What is the most recommended water intake?

The amount of water intake will always vary amongst individuals. This is why you need to find out what suits your system and stick to it.  There are people who may consume much water than others in order to function better. Others may consume such amount and use the restrooms more often. The following tips below will ensure that things are kept really simple:

  • If you are feeling thirsty, just drink liters water
  • If you are no long thirsty, stop drinking the water
  • If you are taking part in any intense exercise that will make you sweat profusely, ensure to drink plenty of liters water. This will help regain lost fluids.


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