Your Arm is transformed into Touch Screen by Cicret Wristband

Wearables are becoming popular and tablets and smartphones are not the only available mobile devices today. Currently, however, Cicret aims to improve things a bit by changing your arm into a smartphone.

The Cicret Bracelet was formed a year back and was manufactured in a period of 6 months. This Cicret Bracelet is a wristband which is tiny that resembles Jawbone Up.

The Bracelet consists of a pico projector and a strip of proximity sensors numbering 8 which are positioned in the direction of the forearm of the user. It works as an independent gadget and when triggered by twisting the wrists, it produces an Android interface on the users’ arm; a lot similar to Skinput research from Chris Harrison.

The proximity sensors recognize the location of the user’s fingers and enable them to relate with the interface in the same way as other gadgets for Android.

Prospective benefits are available for changing regular items such as limbs into mobile gadgets; however, produced touch screens are normally devoid of receptiveness and image precision we are accustomed to in glass screens.

In addition, the Cicret Bracelet has an accelerometer as well as vibration module together with LED feature for announcements. Connectivity is provided through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a port for Micro USB.

The gadget will enable users to transmit emails and obtain them, browse the web and engage in games. Users will be able to match it with a smartphone which is available, respond to incoming telephone calls and stimulate the working on their speakerphone on their smartphone.

Cicret is about to collect money for more enhancement and manufacture of the Bracelet; however, Pommier states he anticipates the gadget to be accessible to the major market in one and a half years.

The gadget’s price may be $400, he states, depending on what the firm’s study states individuals would be ready to pay (to us this does not sound possible).

More info:

Cicret Bracelet 02

Cicret Bracelet 03

Cicret Bracelet 01

Cicret Bracelet 04



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