Zheng Chunhui, a Sculptor took 4 Years to Carve the Longest Wooden Sculpture in the World

Zheng Chunhui, an artist from China, the other day launched this uniquely huge wooden sculpture whose measurements are 40 ft or 12.286 m in length. This creation of a tree carving, which took four years, was founded on the idea of a popular painting named ‘Along the River during the Qingming Festival.’

This is an ancient holiday kept aside to commemorate previous ancestors; it is held on the 104th day following winter solstice. On 14th November, the Guinness World Records came to Fuzhou, Fujian Province that is the present location of the piece. It is being shown to proclaim it as the lengthiest constant wooden sculpture worldwide.

More infor: China News (via Shanghaist)

huge wood sculpture (1)

huge wood sculpture (2)

huge wood sculpture (3)

huge wood sculpture (4)



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